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 a thread on MW forums already deleted

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by/for pvpers

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PostSubject: a thread on MW forums already deleted   Tue Jun 15, 2010 10:32 am

Someone wrote this topic on MW forums and it got deleted very fast. I consider it pretty good and i just wanted to show you how it looked like

I decided to write this thread solely to smack down some ppl.Every other post is "Great Work MW staff","gj,gj","insert random shit here"

First the site:
Well,the design is not bad,but no content is added,I myself have programmed in php,html,mysql,javascript long enough to know how things are done
So many features on the site are (Will be added soon)
And the biggest scam ofc is the armoury. Released for 1 month just to make good impression.
The design is probabbly stolen from blizz so dont talk shit about copyright

Second the forums:
The forums ofc use a cms system which is not written by MW,its vbulletin 4
Anyone can make a forums like these and we cant even know if the staff payed for their copy of VB 4
All meaningful threads are deleted

And now for the finale:
The server itself:
When i came here there was only 1 realm.Soon after they made 2 more.Wanna know why? To get more ppl? Wanna know why? To get money from donations.
Same is with vote stimulation.Get us more ppl to donate and we will give you crappy items for a ridicolous price.

This server sole purpose is to make money.Dont be blind.Dont let others fool you.Nobody cares about you.

Some of you will try to oppose me so i am going to describe what i mean:

First i am going to write the facts:
The server hasnt added any raid since 3.2
The gms were talking about releasing ToC like half an year ago
Nothing is scripted(like in blizz)
Ulduar gear sux in 3.3.3

pvp is a mess
you cant get enough rating to buy wrath weps no matter what you do
too many classes are broken
HIT rating and Resil are bugged as hell
Talents are bugged as hell
Spells too
What PVP are we talking about?
Arena and BGs sux here too

Cheat Protection:
Too many ppl hacking(flying,climb,teleport,etc(for info search EmuHacker on
Since the new patch there is none!
Wanna know why?
Cause they copied the whole emu from somewhere else and replaced the previous emu with it.
These ppl MW staff dont even know what they are doing.
Dont let them decieve you.

Patching Policy:
Updating to a new patch while the servers has too much bugs is not good at all
As some of you know some bugs disappeared,but new bugs appeared
In other words MW prolly jusy updated the Emu by copying it

Can you say "INFLATION"?

You can donate any item except for legendaries

The sole idea behind this server is very simple:
1.Get ppl to come here
2.Get them to donate
3.Add new things(donor only) so they donate again
4.Use other lies to keep the ppl here
Rinse and repeat

Get site:
Make a site that looks cool.(by stealing from blizz)
Add flashy ads to site with lies about things you dont have.
Add site to voting sites(xtreme100 and others) so more ppl can see it.
Get your active players to vote by stimulating them with vote points and crappy items.

Get forum:
Add some forum to it so ppl think they can comment and give something to MW.
Make threads saying that you will be adding X and Y to the server/site/forums very soon.(ofc lies)

Get emu:
Get an emu from somehwere.(all emus are illegal because they use blizz copyrighted content)
Mod it so it can hold 4000 ppl.(it doesnt matter if anything works,the 4000 LIMIT is impressive enough to make ppl come)
Lie to ppl that is all custom.(your emu is just mangos)

Make ppl donate:
Make all good items unobtainable, so ppl will donate for them.
Put new patches as soon as possible so ppl will expect new things and wont leave.(fixing bugs is boring and unneeded,wait till new patch come out and swap the server for some other emu)
And ofc - new items for donors.
If the server has too much ppl,make more servers.
Milk more ppl's cash.
Donate you say,but that is an indirect way to buy gear/other and you win from it.
Molten staff claims the money are used for the servers.
Let me tell you something: the servers and their connection doesnt cost much
MW Staff makes money off a idiots(maybe you are one of them)

Keep ppl here and get more ppl:
Keep ppl here with promises(lies) and make them bring more ppl(get more donations)

In other words this is a money making server,nobody cares about feedback, bugs, tickets,etc
Making money is the name of the game
Too many time has passed and nothing has changed
And to mw i wanna say excuse me for enlightening people.
Now ban me and delete this post.(or better yet edit it to decieve even more ppl,change the title to GJ MW and reverse everything)

In the end what ppl do:
Duel in front of orgrimmar
Allys are overpowered by horde in 1:10
Do boring heroics with a tactic called "I am tank,i have life,hit me"
Do arenas and bgs against donors.
And ofc the unscripted bugged raids.
Cant buy a gem cause it costs 1500g.
No fun at all.
And the problem is that they get money for the whole thing.And decieve people!
There are better private servers1

"All server crashes are caused by players!",for if they werent logged in,the server will stay idle and wont crash!
Now i leave you to critisize, spit at me, ban me!
Many of you think their are a part of some comunity.In the end you are just scammed!
Go Flame Me NOW!
Yours, RandomBannedPlayer

This was my reply, didnt manage to send it due to deletion

God i hate so long posts because i wont manage to refer to everything in time till it get deleted and you get banned.
I just hope i wont get banned as well for mine.

I dont agree with you about the vp and donor thing. VP is a must that every private server has to do. Show me one of your better servers that has no vp system. Whats more donations. Have you ever played on wowscape? there were donations as well, but there were especially donor items made just for them. Something like 5x better than the best available items in game. This way paladin had 40k hp. ah this was tbc ;>
The donations are must too. Sometimes i hate to lose to donors when i see how hardly they suck at wow, but when i realize they pay for my play I dont care anymore.
About pvp. Things are going in good direction. Very slowly tho and MW doesnt give a shit about it because as long ppl are not able to get 2200 in 3s or 5s the donors will pay for pvp items.
I dunno how it looks like on neltharion but on deathwing there is already a team with 1800+ rating in 2s and almost 10 teams with 1700 so 1800 is pretty possible (just according to your statement that wrathful weapon is impossible to get).

At the end i just want to say that i agree with many of these things and this post should be deleted maybe, user should NOT be banned and some ppl should think it over and maybe fix something..
If you cant... Its better not to say what will happen then.

Say your opinions if you have any
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by/for pvpers

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PostSubject: Re: a thread on MW forums already deleted   Mon Jun 21, 2010 7:23 pm

LuL scratch scratch scratch well this guy its kinda right but i think he is so jealous of MW that he had to write this post Very Happy makeing ppl quit playing Molten WoW . thats my opinion
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a thread on MW forums already deleted
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